1. What types of youth are served by New Beginnings?

New Beginnings serves male and female youth and their families who have behavior issues; unruliness; mental health and dual diagnosis; substance abuse/addiction history. Please note: these children are severely disadvantaged. They come from broken and dysfunctional homes where they have experienced abuse and / or neglect. There have been no or very few  positive role models in their lives. Parental support, supervision, or structure in most cases is non-existent.


2. How long do the children reside in the program?

Based on assessment, individual needs, progress, treatment plan, behavioral and/or inability to transition to another step-down program or placement. Usually 6 to18 months is the norm.


3. What is the process for placing a child at New Beginnings?

Contact New Beginnings at 330-744-9020 for more information.


4. Are you Title IV-E eligible?