In my evaluation of youth in paid placements, NBRTC was repeatedly mentioned as an example of one of the highest quality providers by my casework staff and their supervisors. They felt that they truly saw positive outcomes with the youth we had placed there, and that the NBRTC staff were very responsive to requested for information and updates and truly involved us in the treatment of the child
— Timothy E. Schaffner, Trumbull County Children Services
To start this letter, I can honestly say that New Beginnings is one of the best things that had ever happened to me. I really do appreciate all the help I couldn’t ask for anymore. This place had really changed my ways. I didn’t know who I was until I came here, for the last 7 1/2 months. At times it is hard, but with Mr. Mike the counselor he digs deep and really helps you understand your problems. It has been a good experience for me.
— Resident
The Trumbull County Juvenile Probation Department has placed several adolescent females in the care of Dr. Vanessa Jones and her facility, New Beginnings Residential Treatment Center. The girls that were placed had a history of domestic violence, self mutilation, runaway, low self esteem, abandonment issues, sexual victimization, and severe mental health concerns, as well as multiple admissions to Belmont Pines. New Beginnings has changed the way my girls think, and the program that Dr. Jones has created has been very helpful to my families.
— Joseph Scirocco, Trumbull County Juvenile Family Court
I was really impressed with the entire treatment team and they are truly a TEAM and that is the approach they take with difficult cases. There is nothing “cookie cutter” about the New Beginnings Residential Treatment facility. It has been my experience that each referral is looked at individually and the youth’s treatment plan and approach is individualized to meet the needs of the youth and the family.
— Monica Holt-Parish, Stark County Family Court
New Beginnings has worked well with our most difficult children, who struggle to maintain behaviors in many other settings. The program offers a wide range of services, many of which are unique and developed on case by case basis. Our county has been very pleased with the structure of the program and the communication between New Beginnings and our entire staff, both workers and management.”
— Rachel Ketterman, Columbiana County Dept. of Jobs and Family Services
To say the staff at New Beginnings care about their residents would be a complete understatement. They go above and beyond with every child they come in contact with. New Beginnings accepted children on my case load who suffered multiple failed placements, both through foster homes as well as other residential treatment centers. When other facilities gave up on these children, New Beginnings staff welcomed them into their program with a fresh start in hopes to find success in one way or another.
— Jennifer Thompson
The Warren County Clinical Committee has had positive experiences in the placement and treatment of youth at New Beginnings. The youth that have been referred to New Beginnings all have multiple needs and are very complex. New Beginnings staff has always been professional in dealing with our youth and families. They have been responsive to the needs of our youth placed at New Beginnings and are good at evaluating youth for appropriateness of care in a timely manner. The Warren County Clinical Committee plans on making future referrals to New Beginnings Residential Treatment Center.
— Kevin Stevens, Warren County Clinical Committee